Junebug and Kimber

Junebug is the fluffy Corgi partner of the team, the vocal commander, and typically found lying upside down with her legs in the air. Nicknames: Spoon, Juna, Juney.

Kimber is the leggy Labrador partner, but she thinks she's a lapdog. She's usually trying to be touched at all times, loves her frisbee, and her best friend is George, the cat. Nicknames: Kimbertelly, Slimber, Timber. 


George Morris

George was brought into a Pennsylvania vet office a few years ago, and Paetra drove three hours to pick him up because she was told he would be a great barn cat. George is the resident rodent exterminator, moral support staff member on cold days when he commandeers the couch for awhile, and the king of the farm. Nicknames: King George, Worgibles, Witten. 


Igor and Boris

The Russian Pigs! Igor and Boris are the entertainment staff and professional diggers. Igor likes to spend time pestering his brother, and Boris enjoys burrowing in mountains of straw.