Scooter and Lymes

As some of you may know, my small lesson pony, Scooter, has been off since Halloween battling with an eye issue. Right around Halloween he started "seeing ghosts" in the ground (best way to describe it, no Halloween pun intended). He was spooking at shadows in the arena sand made by hoof prints, and light beams in the indoor on the ground, very irrational behavior for him seeing as he is not a spooky pony and never has been! 

I immediately called the vet out when his behavior continued for three days in a row, I knew it couldn't be behavioral. Sure enough, Scooter had unknown large pink discs in his eyes right above his retina that shouldn't be there, and the fibers going into this eye were crunched up and shriveled looking. Dr. Kraybill and I discussed potential causes, Leptospirosis was our first thought, that test turned up negative. After some regular antibiotics and topical steroids for a few weeks, Scooter got a recheck and his eyes looked better but they weren't 100% yet. Dr. Kraybill thankfully after talking with some other vets about Scooters unknown condition asked me if we could do a Lymes test. Eye issues are rare with Lymes disease so Dr. Kraybill hadn't originally thought of it, though there apparently is a small percentage of a chance that eyes can be affected with the disease! So we tested and sure enough he came back all kinds of positive for it! Two weeks ago we started Scooter on a heavy dosage of Doxycycline twice daily.

Yesterday was the first day I ventured onto Scooter in months and I was VERY pleased to lunge him before without any spooking, then I rode him all around the indoor in all three gaits with no spooks whatsoever! Thank goodness! So tomorrow I go back to the vet to pick up another two week supply of Doxycycline for Scooter and hopefully in just another couple weeks I will have my perfect lesson pony back and he'll be ready to rock and roll! I know there are several little girls who are just dying to get back on him for lessons!