Emily and Sadie!

My working student, Emily Springer, has been working incredibly hard for me all summer long! She's been a super dedicated rider and worker since day one when I started teaching her back in January of this year. Dedication, determination and drive are the three D's that I look for in a working student and Emily has them all! We've been slowly working towards finding a good horse for her to lease one day that would be a good match for her both in being something that would challenge her riding, force her to work on herself, and also be a good fun horse to enjoy riding on! We may have found that match! Keeping our fingers crossed that it all works out! Updates will follow! Video below of Emily and Sadie, video's courtesy of Sadie's mom, Lexi Yunggebauer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bK2AwWIvvfM&feature=youtu.be