We Found a Trailer!

After MONTHS and MONTHS of searching all the states of the eastern part of the country we finally found and purchased a trailer! Many hours of online searching, phone calls, debates on new or used, price, etc. all ensued. Last week we finally made up our mind and purchased a brand new 2013 Trailers USA two-horse, bumper pull! We decided that new would be better, we wouldn't have to worry about anything major needing replaced right away and we would feel safe putting any horses in it to haul down the road wherever we may be going, near or far! The Green Gate Equine Services trailer is an extra wide and extra tall, plus it has two escape doors, a rear ramp and a dressing room! That will be handy for horse shows! We are excited to be able to start pulling the trailer starting with it's maiden voyage to pick up a lesson pony this coming Tuesday! Wish us luck! :)