Welcome Euler Horses!

Green Gate Equine Services would like to welcome the Euler horses to the farm!

Brook Euler's two mares, Chaska and Selebrity, are now at the farm, along with her daughter Ella's pony, Whinny!  

Selebrity arrived Saturday and settled right in, making herself right at home and devouring her hay and thoroughly enjoying her automatic waterer to dunk her hay in! Selebrity is a very feminine mare, standing at about 16 hands tall, she's a blood bay color with a gorgeous star on her forehead! 

Chaska and Whinny arrived today, and thankfully Chaska and Whinny both walked right on the trailer and both of them decided to settle right in too! Both Chaska and Whinny may be available for lease this summer!

Chaska is a 16.2 hand, dark bay mare, she's a big girl! Very sweet though and very eager to learn and please!

Whinny is a medium, chestnut/paint, Chincoteague pony! This little guy is absolutely ADORABLE! He's such a good boy for his girl, Ella! And he's a blast to ride, also very eager to learn and please as well!

We are very happy to have them here at the farm! :)


Whinny and Chaska