There is big news at Green Gate Equine Services! We are moving!

After lots of thought we decided that driving 45 minutes every day just to get to our "home base" was ridiculous, and as it so happened a great opportunity opened up for us right at that same time only 10 minutes from our house! So we drove out and toured the facility and chatted with the owner and now it's official! Green Gate will now be located out of Mountainview Horse Farm in Carlisle, Pa!

This move will allow me to do a lot more riding and teaching seeing as I won't be spending half my day in the car just getting to the barn! Tomorrow my husband and I will be moving our three horses to the new facility and we hope to see things grow and blossom at the new facility with new and old faces both of the horse and human kind!

Look for the new Mountainview Horse Farm page on our website coming soon, and check out the Mountainview Horse Farm website by clicking on the link below!