Jack Frost Jubilee Show

This past Sunday, March 17th, we had two GGES riders compete at the Jack Frost Jubilee Fun Show at Crescendo Training Centre in Ephrata, Pa. Emily Springer and Rebecca Blouse both had a day full of some great rides and a few entertaining ones! 

Emily Springer showed CLS Midnight Twister (Pippa) who is owned by Andrea Ormanoski. This was Emily's first show on Pippa, and they did well after having only had a week together to practice for the show! Pippa is an Appaloosa mare who LOVES to jump! Despite the fact that she is much more of a jumper style horse than a hunter horse, Emily and Pippa still placed in the ribbons in their jumping classes. Through their flat classes Pippa and Emily both did decently, Pippa gave Emily a workout though seeing as in her canter she has only two speeds, "whoa" and "go." Pippa is an ex-rodeo horse so her skills came out in the barrels and pole bending fun classes at the end of the day! They took first place in both of those! 

Rebecca Blouse was on her mare, Ivy League Brat (Ivy), for the show. It was Ivy's first show doing some 2'6" jumping classes and she and Rebecca proved their hard work over the last couple months has paid off and placed either first or second in their jumping classes! By the time the flat classes rolled around Ivy was beginning to get tired, she had a little bit of a difficult time staying in her right lead canter but considering that it was a full class and they still placed in the ribbons we were very pleased! Both Rebecca and Ivy had some fun in a few of the fun classes as well, and Ivy ran barrels in the canter for the first time and did well! 

Overall it was a fun, low stress day, both the girls did great and we are looking forward to the next show!

The girls with their jumping ribbons! 

The girls with their jumping ribbons!