No Stirrup Challenge!

Growing up I never had very many completely "no stirrup" lessons, and as I've gotten older I've discovered the value of this torture exercise. Many people hear the words "no stirrups" and cringe if they haven't ever had a previous exposure to this practice, though for many riders who have grown up being taught without stirrups on a more regular occasion, it's a VERY helpful training aide that strengthens, solidifies and tightens up your entire leg and position. 

Yesterday I found a link on of my other horsey friends had posted on Facebook that said "'I'm-Giving-Up-Stirrups-For-Lent' Challenge." At the end of this post I've pasted the link onto here so I hope people check it out!

I decided to go for it and accept this challenge personally because I haven't challenged myself as a rider much lately. Anyone can set their own parameters/guidelines on the rules of this "challenge" so I decided to do it on the condition that I am only starting out with this on my own horse, and any horses I ride that I feel I can trust more than some of the other babies I ride. I also think I am going to set a "challenge" for most of my students too....and see if they are willing to accept it or not. I will post updates on how this is going from time to time along the way!

Happy Riding!