Steuart Pittman Clinic 11/23/13

Two weeks ago my student, Emily Springer, and myself attended the Steuart Pittman Clinic hosted by the Chestnut Hill Pony Club down in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. It was a nice affordable clinic at a great facility that had an indoor and nice beginner cross country course too. The clinic participants could sign up for either a stadium, cross country or dressage session. 

Emily started the day on her half-lease horse, Sadie, in the 9AM three-foot stadium section. Lucky wasn't going to cooperate and stand politely on the trailer alone so thankfully Gail, the owner of the property, allowed me to stick her in a stall for an hour so that I could watch Emily's ride. Steuart had a nice course set up that used a centerline gymnastic, bending lines, corners, angled fences and some rollbacks. It was fun to watch the three in that section because all three were such different horses and riders. Emily and Sadie did well despite the fact that Sadie was a little nutty! 

Emily and I then loaded both horses back on the trailer and settled in to wait ALL day long until my dressage ride at the very end of the day. It was freezing out and windy as all get out and instead of being good polite ponies and eating their hay quietly, which would have allowed us to sit in the warm truck…..Lucky had other ideas. She insisted on trying to eat Sadie alive simply because Sadie was in HER Trailer and in HER space! So Emily and I ended up having to sit in the trailer the entire day freezing to death to keep the mares from eating each other. 

Finally 4PM rolled around and I got on Lucky for our private dressage session. She was surprisingly fantastic for having not been off the property in forever and after taking a little time to warm up her joints and muscles she finally got her show off on and Steuart said that he thought she definitely had a good chance at being competitive in the dressage ring! Yay! This was our first "outing" in dressage, so we were hoping to get another professional's opinion on whether she would be competitive or not in the show ring. So now it's practice practice practice to get ready to do some schooling shows this winter! 

All-in-all a great clinic for both horses and riders! We hope to be able to attend another Steuart Pittman clinic in the future! 

The view from "our spot" inside the trailer all day doing mare attitude control! 

The view from "our spot" inside the trailer all day doing mare attitude control!