This past Saturday the Mountain-boo-bash took place at Mountainview Horse Farm! It was quite an event with an abundance of horse and human costumes, food, DJ music, games and prizes! 

The costumes were fantastic! It was really fun seeing how people took the idea of dressing a horse and themselves up and ran with it with their imaginations! We had a cow and a farmer, a frog prince and a princess, a king and queen, a little girl on her rocking horse, bumble bees, Batman, Avatar and an Avatar horse, an 80's bop girl and her Easter bunny horse, a doctor and his x-ray patient, a snow princess and her blue polka dotted angel pony, a princess and her unicorn and many many more!  

We had a 50th birthday to celebrate for Diane, one of the western boarding clients, and in that event another of our western clients, Devon, sang Happy Birthday beautifully! Delores came up with the brilliant idea of having "walking tacos" for the main meal course and they were a big hit! Will Foster DJ'd the event creating a great fun mix of new music of most genres and Halloween music too that everyone could enjoy! Alexis Yunggebauer stepped in for us as our professional photographer for the day and she took a million pictures that will all be posted on a site soon for people to check out! If you would like a print of one of the photos she will have contact info up to be able to contact her for ordering information! Courtney was the main planner for the entire event and she did a great job for our first even Mountain-boo-bash event! There were a few glitches that we learned and will be changing for next year but all in all everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! We can't wait until next year to do it again! 

Photos will be posted soon!!!!