KILE Horse Show 2013 Recap

This past weekend Green Gate Equine Services attended the KILE Horse Show at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pa. We opted to only attend on Sunday so at 3:30AM alarms were going off and we were at the barn and on the road with the horses by 4:45AM. We took two for the day, Emily Springer took her half leased mare, Sadie, and Lexie Yunggebauer took her half leased horse, Reggie. 

We arrived in time to start schooling in the rings a little before they closed, both horses schooled and warmed up fantastically, both being very well behaved and calm for their first times back in the "Large Arena" in awhile. That arena is very cool to sit in and spectate from because it's a coliseum type ring, though for horses that can be immensely scary. Both Reggie and Sadie didn't even bat an eyelash. 

The morning passed with hanging out with the ponies at the trailer with some good friends and family. Then finally after the "hurry up and wait" game, the time arrived for us to start showing. Lexie did Sadie in the 2'3 Modified Hunter division first to get her schooled around a little more for Emily and they did very well after a very surprised stop at the first fence first round. Sadie wasn't quite expecting the brush boxes to be hiding under the fence since they hadn't been there for schooling this morning! She had a beautiful flawless course after that oops though, and her second round went wonderfully earning her a 4th place ribbon. Being not the best mover on the planet, Sadie didn't pin in the hack, but she did hack nicely. 

Emily then hopped on and did her 2'3 Open Equitation division with Sadie. The both jump rounds were really good with only minor mistakes that just popped Emily out of the run for a ribbon. But for a first show with Sadie and having only ridden Sadie for 3 weeks it was a huge success for Emily! I was very pleased with her riding and how far she's come since I've met her! Her hack went well, though the judge still didn't appreciate Sadie's movement so they didn't pin. All in all, a good first show for these two! 

Finally the day ended with Lexie and Reggie stepping into the jumper ring for the first time ever! Well Reggie is an old veteran at the jumpers but this was Lexie's first time! With a nervous stomach Lexie stepped right in to her 2' Puddle Jumper class and at the sound of the whistle Reggie leaped right into a canter and locked into his "jumper zone." The two made it around beautifully with a time of 55 seconds out of 65 allowed. The jump off was next, we decided to take a few tighter turns and angles and Lexie did them so well that she actually turned back to a tighter turn to a wrong jump! Quick thinking had her circling around to get the the right fence but there were some time penalties for that one. Next was her 2'6 Hopeful Jumpers which she and Reggie breezed through their first course amazingly and had a time of 50 seconds out of 55 allowed. The jump off went better this time, all the jumps were jumped correctly and she made a time of 37 seconds out of 35, earning her just two time penalties. Those good rounds landed her in 7th place out of 20+ riders though! Yay! Deciding to end on a good note we packed up for the day as it was 10:30PM already and we headed back home!  

It was a long day filled with good people, learning, and time spent doing what we love to do most, ride, teach, train, and just be around horses. I'm so proud of both Emily and Lexie for doing so well at their first shows ever on new horses! I can't wait till the next show adventure!  

Video link to Lexie and Reggie's 2'6 jumper rounds below!  

Lexie and Reggie 2'6 Hopeful Jumpers

Emily and Sadie 2'3 Open Eq

Lexie and Reggie 

Emily and Sadie 

Emily and Sadie