Education Via Web Videos

My one boss introduced me to the George Morris Horsemastership Training Sessions last week. I had heard of them briefly before but never seen them. Well I went hunting online for them and I was very excited to find them on the USEF Network website. The George Morris Horsemastership Training Sessions happen in Wellington, FL every year and George Morris himself hand picks 12 of the best young riders to attend the week-long clinic. They cover everything from flatwork, to grid work and jumping, to vet stuff and the body mechanics of motion, etc. The clinic is taught by George Morris himself, along with other experts such as Dr. Deb Bennet PhD. 

The whole clinic is up on video on, which I think is a fantastic idea for those of us who can't simply fly down to FL to audit the clinic but would still love to watch and learn.

I hope that some people will go hunt down these videos online and enjoy! 

Here is the link to the main page!