I am a member of, which I have to say is an amazing informational and educational website that ANY and ALL horse owners should be subscribed to! I get daily emails on current articles they have on anything from grooming tips, to medical advances, to barn design plans, etc.

Today the email I received had an article about Cold Weather Colic and I skimmed it quickly this morning, reading it more extensively when I had time to sit down this evening. Ironically right after I read it I received a text from a client saying her horse had started colicking this afternoon, and as a smart horse owner she called the vet immediately knowing colic isn't something to mess around with! 

I lost my first two older Arabians to colic when I was a kid, and a dear friend of mine lost her talented young mare to a terrible colic a few years ago...many people take colic too lightly but I know first hand it is never something I will mess around with!

Posted below is the article I read this morning, I hope it provides some informational reading!